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Mono/Poly is a play about love and sex in the plural. Two monogamous couples encounter a polyamorous triad at a costume party. The triad becomes entwined in their business and personal lives forcing them to examine long held beliefs about love and marriage.


Full of laughs, sexy moments, and relatable characters, the story’s many threads weave together around a big heart to create "…an amusing and satisfying experience" (Dr. Eli Sheff). Mono/Poly will make you think about what it really means to be sex positive in today’s society. 

After a sold-out 3-day run in August of 2017, the show is finally getting its World Premiere! Tickets are available NOW (Get yours HERE). Previews are October 3 and 4 and the show officially opens on Saturday, October 5th and runs thru Sunday, November 10. Showtimes are 8pm on Thursdays-Saturdays and 2pm on Sundays.


Mono/Poly is presented by Tubeman Entertainment and is a visiting production at The Odyssey Theatre.

Confused About Polyamory? Check out our video below for a quick primer!

What's so important about this show? Hear from past and present cast members about their experiences

with the show and interacting with

the audience afterwards.

Wondering if this show is for you? Hear what our writer/director, polyamory expert, and past and present cast members have to say.

Meet our Director and hear why he wrote Mono/Poly and what he hopes

to gain from doing the show again.

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After seeing a play about polyamory in NYC, Brian Reynolds was inspired to share his own experience. He wrote most of the first draft on his return flight to Los Angeles and finished the play in 36 hours. As a proud member of a polyamorous triad that has been together for over 24 years and counting, Brian was in a unique position to present the various situations that arise when monogamy and ethical non-monogamy collide.

Mono/Poly is a part of the Tubeman Productions slate.  Brian Reynolds is a prolific and multi-talented writer and the core of Tubeman Productions. We have several films, short films and fringe plays in the pipeline.

... an amusing and satisfying experience.


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